Optimising work bench systems: Working more ergonomically and efficiently with item

Structure and order at the work bench – with the right support, manual production operations can be conducted perfectly. The item Work Bench System provides the ideal prerequisites for this. The global market leader in building kit systems for industrial applications is constantly adding new components to its range of ergonomically designed industrial work benches. One of the latest editions, for example, is the Thin Client Holder, which makes it easy to attach computers to a Line 8 groove or between the monitor and monitor holder/Monitor Arm. Flexible Holder 8 D23-D30 takes effect in next to no time to hold tools securely in place. Distribution Strip, 5+USB Charging Socket ensures mobile devices are always ready to use. Wipe Dispenser 280 D 150 makes it possible to mount standard rolls of cleaning wipes close to hand, while Shelf 280x125 creates additional space for pens, knives and other materials.

The item Work Bench System makes it possible to adapt work benches perfectly to different requirements. The Solingen-based company is constantly expanding its product catalogue to create ergonomic work benches and thus optimum working conditions. Its goal is to help employees do their jobs and lighten their workload. Thanks to their modular and flexible design, work benches can be adapted perfectly to individual members of staff. There are also numerous components that help achieve cleanliness and structure in workshops and production facilities. The new Thin Client Holder, for example, makes it easy to mount computers. The space-saving two-part holder is attached to a Line 8 groove or between the monitor and the monitor holder/Monitor Arm. Self-adhesive protective strips hold IT devices securely and safely. At the same time, the holder can be adapted to different housing sizes. With the new Flexible Holder 8 D23-D30 from the item Hook and Holder System, tools can be secured in next to no time. This is thanks to a clamp consisting of an elastomer band that wraps perfectly around tools with diameters between 23 and 30 mm. Distribution Strip, 5+USB Charging Socket provides five grounding-type sockets, an empty slot for additions and two USB ports with a charging function. This ensures there are plenty of power connections for lights, extension cables, etc., and a convenient option for charging mobile devices. The Distribution Strip can be affixed to a Line 8 system groove using adapters or can be installed in profiles with cable conduit K56. Further new additions to the Work Bench System are Wipe Dispenser 280 D150 and Shelf 280x125. The Wipe Dispenser fits perfectly to a Line 8 groove and is quickly secured in place with two screws. It can hold standard rolls of wipes with diameters of up to 150 mm directly at the work bench. An integrated tearing edge makes it easy to tear off individual paper wipes. To ensure utensils such as pens, scissors and measuring tools are stored safely and tidily, item now offers Shelf 280x125. This is also attached to a Line 8 groove with two screws and has all-round edging including an angled picking edge.

All the new work bench products can be found here.

Length:          3,235

Date:              7 January 2020

Photos:          3 (all images – Source: item)

Caption 1: The new Thin Client Holder from item makes it easy to mount computers.

Caption 2: The space-saving two-part holder is attached to a Line 8 groove or between the monitor and the monitor holder/Monitor Arm.

Caption 3: Another new addition to the item work bench portfolio is Wipe Dispenser 280 D150, which fits perfectly into a Line 8 groove and is easily attached with two screws.

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